The MSM Media Kit for writing about Islamic terror attacks


The MSM need to coordinate their media kits so that they can all use the same weasel words when writing about Islamic terror attacks. The latest?Islamic terror attack in Melbourne has added a new phrase to the ( don’t mention Islam or terrorism Media Kit)

The new phrase is… “attack driver.”

Alleged Melbourne attack driver Saeed Noori?rambled about Allah, Australia’s spy agency ASIO and the mistreatment of Muslims in the hours after the attack, police say.

Police arrest alleged Melbourne attack driver Saeed Noori.

Prior to the latest Islamic terror attack in Australia the most favoured phrase of media outlets was “car attack” or “truck attack” and it was still used by some media outlets to describe the latest?Islamic terror attack.

Another media kit staple when writing about Islamic terror attacks is to use personification which is the technique of giving inanimate objects like cars and trucks human qualities. Instead of the Islamic terrorist mowing down the innocent victims we are told that it was the car and the truck that did the terrible deed.

No media kit for writing about an Islamic terror attack would be complete without the instruction to wait for at least 24 hours before calling it an “alleged” or even a “possible” terror attack. However, this instruction does not apply to labelling the Islamic terror attack as drug-related or due to mental illness as this can be alleged immediately within hours if not minutes of the incident.

If the Islamic terrorist has made it clear with his words that Islam and/or a terror group like ISIS was his motivation for the attack then the Media kit will caution the journalist?to avoid quoting the exact words he used. The standard operating procedure?is to refer to what he said in general and non-specific terms.

Another staple of the media kit is to?treat each Islamic terror attack as a distinct event like a train wreck or a bank robbery that is unconnected to any of the attacks that proceeded it. This is another reason why the term “lone wolf” is often used.

The MSM works very hard to try to prevent the public from jumping to the obvious conclusions when there is an Islamic terror attack. The techniques they are using are often effective but as the frequency of these attacks in the West increase even the most ignorant of news consumers are going to put two and two together.