Whaleoil winner of NZ V8 Hotlaps voucher reports back **UPDATED

Last year one of our promotions to encourage readers to subscribe to our original Bronze subscription was a chance to win an NZ Hotlaps voucher and Whaleoil reader Karen was the lucky reader. I wondered if one of the men in her life would manage to talk her out of the voucher but Karen was determined to experience the thrill of high speed while being driven by a professional herself.

When you think about it?NZ?Hotlaps is an opportunity to experience being driven at high speed by someone with the skill of the Stig from Top Gear.

The Stig from the TV show Top Gear




Photo-supplied by Karen who was the lucky winner of the NZ V8 Hotlaps voucher

I finally got to go on my Hotlap at Manfield a couple of weeks ago. Thank you very much for the voucher. It was an exhilarating ride and we had a great afternoon. I was most impressed with the car’s brakes; if I tried that with my Outback we would have been off the track and through the fence on the first corner (assuming I could have even convinced the Subaru to go that fast). The sick bag was not required.


Now I am sure that some of our readers would?love to get one of these vouchers for Christmas so now is the perfect time to start dropping some serious hints to those who love you.

If you feel the need for speed you know who to call…

NZ V8 Hotlaps supported Whaleoil and now you can support them while enjoying the ride of your life!

Here is the video of Cam’s ride.


He either had nerves of steel or it was his paralysed face that enabled him to appear so calm. If it was me I would be like…

Via the? NZV8 Hot Laps website, they are doing a discounted Xmas Special price of 10% discount
But WAIT there is MORE:
As a further additional promotional option until Xmas…
If Whale Oil readers contact NZV8 Hot Laps directly on 0800-DRIVE1 (374831) and mention that they saw the Whale Oil promotion and give me the name of my Santa Dog off our NZV8 Hot Laps website (Bella) … then I?ll give them a further 5% Xmas discount?
(Total Whale Oil / Xmas discount of 15% for a limited time)