What’s wrong with this photo of Sonny Bill Williams?


This photo was tweeted with the word “Grateful”

When I was a young parent there was one thing I was immovable on and I was often surprised at how some mothers at the local Kindergarten who claimed to love their children were entirely flexible on the issue.

Have you guessed yet what is wrong with this happy family snap?

I am sure the parents pictured love their child. I would be “grateful” if they would purchase a booster seat and use it in conjunction with a child restraint. That’s precious cargo in the back and they appear to be breaking the law. Worst of all as parents they are putting a child in danger.

Under New Zealand law, all children under seven years of age must use an approved child restraint appropriate for their age and size. Children aged seven must be secured in a restraint if one is available in the vehicle.[…]

International best practice recommends the use of an appropriate child restraint (or booster seat) until your child reaches 148 cm tall or is 11 years old.

[…] Children must be correctly seated in child restraints that are correctly secured into the car to keep them safe from crash forces.

[…] When you are the driver, children in your car must be protected in the event of a crash.

As the driver, you are responsible for ensuring that any child travelling in your vehicle is correctly using an appropriate child restraint.?Find out the legal requirements?[PDF, 243 KB].


With a Twitter following of 763K and being a well-known role model for both the Pacifika and Muslim community Sonny Bill Williams should think twice before uploading photos like this. The photo appears to show a child under the age of 7 travelling in a vehicle without a booster seat or child restraint. As a spokesperson and representative of BMW, it is a really bad look.