The Wild making headlines as Gareth Morgan shows he’s all mouth and no trousers

On the weekend Simon Lusk and I launched the The Wild.

The mainstream media has picked up on it and written an article about The Wild and The Morgan Score.

Gareth Morgan wants feral cats killed, but he doesn’t want anything to do with a cat shooting contest in his name.

?’The Morgan Score’ is a trophy scoring system?named after “cat?abolitionist”?Morgan, which was?launched on Whaleoil?blogger Cameron Slater Slater’s new hunting, fishing and butchery site ‘The Wild’ on Saturday.

Hunters take a dead cat’s measurements in?millimetres and add them for a total Morgan Score, earning prizes, according to a?Whaleoil post.

Feral cats are among the biggest threats to New Zealand’s native wildlife.

Yes, they are, and Gareth Morgan has a campaign about feral cats that appears to be all mouth and no trousers.

Alone, our?1.4 million domestic?moggies?kill?more than 18.76m animals?a year, according to Forest & Bird estimates.

“Wild cats are a destructive menace in the New Zealand outdoors, and only one politician has ever been brave enough to tell the truth about them – that man is Gareth Morgan,” Slater posted on Whaleoil.

Slater said he and co-founder of The Wild?political advisor Simon Lusk asked Morgan to sponsor them, but said he was “too much of a coward.”

He said Morgan was invited to join them on a cat-shoot during the election campaign in the Hawke’s Bay, but he refused.

The offer still stands for Gareth Morgan to come behind the wire at the Cape Sanctuary in Hawkes Bay and shoot feral cats with Simon and me. If he refuses then his credentials on feral cat control are shot…literally.

Simon and I are putting into action what his words say. We are actually trying to do something about killing feral cats. Unlike Gareth Morgan though we aren’t about?boasting, we won’t be having public meetings, there will be no grandstanding…just dead cats.

Slater said Morgan’s policy and ideas were good, but no action had been taken: “So we decided to do something about it.”

He said he knew of a Hawke’s Bay farmer who had killed 56 feral cats on his farm his year?and another who had shot 10 cats in public areas.

“[Feral cats] are voracious feeders on bird life and need to be eliminated,” Slater said.

But Morgan said he had no idea his name was being used and said he doesn’t support what Slater is doing.

“I’d expect it from [Slater] but I?don’t like it,” he said.

Gareth Morgan is lying. He knows all about our initiative. We approached Morgan personally, via email and via his spokesman during the election campaign. I have recorded phone calls and emails to prove it. At all stages Gareth Morgan refused to have anything to do with killing cats. That is why Simon and I decided to show him up by putting his words into action.


The Opportunities Party leader?said his view was simple – that wandering cats should be eradicated, but only by authorities.

“[Slater’s system] sounds like some sort of vigilante arms lobby instead,” Morgan said.

Typical Morgan, going for the smear instead of fronting.

Morgan has long been pushing for regulations around?feral cat management and calling for responsible cat ownership.

It seemed Slater was cashing in on his efforts, he said.

So what if I am…at least I am doing something about feral cats which is more than could be said about Gareth Morgan.

We are always willing to take Gareth cat shooting if he is man enough to shoot his own cats.