Why there will never be peace in the Middle East

There will never be peace in the Middle East and the problem is an Arab problem.

Breitbart reports:

Official Palestinian Authority TV recently aired a music video?featuring lyrics that include a vow to ?break the Jews? and showing images of one of the most lethal terrorists in Israel?s history.

The song, which was first reported on by?Palestinian Media Watch, praises Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas? ruling Fatah party, saying the Fatah flag will be ?raised with the rifle? since ?the love?of Fatah unites us, and may Allah add to it.?

?Our hearts are for [Fatah], and we are soldiers, until we break the Jews,? the song promises.

?We will come at you from the sea like a wave,? the lyrics continue. ?Jerusalem is ours, and we are marching, and we will bring millions of Martyrs.?

It also mentions a 1978 terror attack perpetrated against Israelis while the footage displays images of Palestinian?terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, who was responsible for the murder of 37 Israelis, 12 of whom were children.

The song quotes late PLO chairman Yasser Arafat glorifying death for?the Palestinian cause: ?For you O homeland, by Allah, death is sweet for me.?

Fatah has in the past posted songs calling for the murder of Jews. In 2014, during a period of Palestinian terror attacks, the following?song?was posted on the movement?s official Facebook page:

I?m coming towards you, my enemy,
we?re going down from every house with cleavers and knives,
with grenades we announced a popular war.
I swear, you won?t escape, my enemy,
from the revolution and the people.
How will you escape the ring of fire,
while the crowds are blocking the way?

There have also been several Fatah and PA-led tributes in?honor of the terrorist Mughrabi, including at least two summer camps this past August named after her as well as squares and street names.

In May,?Breitbart Jerusalem?reported that Norwegian donations were being used to fund a Palestinian women?s center that was also named after Mughrabi. The center bore?the logos of UN Women and the Norwegian Representative Office to the PA, both of which demanded the removal of the logos.

So long as Palestinians worship and venerate terrorists, and continue to release officially endorsed songs about the death of Jews there will be no peace.

Mahmoud Abbas is in his tenth year of a four year term and continues to exhort Palestinians to commit atrocities and terror attacks. There won’t be peace until Palestinians want life more than they seem to want death.