Why they didn’t advertise plus sized tights using plus sized models

Maybe not the most effective way to advertise plus-sized tights.


These plus-sized tights aren’t expensive, at $3 each, but the way they’re advertised may cost an awful lot in good will.
Online shopping site Wish.com is using photos of thin models standing in just one leg of the?Plus Size Ultra Elastic Tights Stockings Women Sexy Shaping Pantyhose Socks, with one pulling them up to her chin.[…]

[…] stretching them over a model’s whole body to emphasise how big the tights are isn’t the most effective way to reach your target audience. It also gives no real indication of how they will look when worn.

I couldn’t agree more which is why I scoured the internet to find a photo of a real plus size woman wearing tights so they can see for themselves what they really look like.

“Using these models to showcase how big a pair of clothing ? aimed at bigger women ? is on standard size models is not only offensive, it also doesn’t make much sense. Why not use plus-size women to model these tights? […]

Why not? Here is why not…

Tights are not flattering to plus-sized women (or any woman for that matter) they reveal every tiny imperfection and only wafer thin girls can wear them as pants and even then if they eat a cracker for lunch you will notice the bulge.