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baboon (noun) – 1. Any of several large terrestrial African and Arabian monkeys of the genus Papio, having an elongated doglike muzzle and bare calluses on the buttocks.
2. Slang A brutish person; a boor.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : type of old world ape, circa 1400, babewyn, earlier “a grotesque figure used in architecture or decoration” (early 14th century), from French babouin “baboon,” from Old French baboin “ape,” earlier “simpleton, dimwit, fool” (13th century), also “gaping figure (such as a gargoyle),” so perhaps from Old French baboue “grimacing;” or perhaps it is imitative of the ape’s babbling speech-like cries.

German Pavian “baboon” is from Dutch baviaan, from Middle Dutch baubijn, a borrowing of the Old French word. Century Dictionary says Arabic maimun probably is from the European words.