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hypogeal (adj) – 1. Living or occurring under the earth’s surface.
2. (Botany) Of or relating to seed germination in which the cotyledons remain below the surface of the ground.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Hypogeal is an uncommon adjective used in biology to describe organisms (e.g., insects, plants) that live underground and in geology for subterranean geological features. The main components of hypogeal are Greek. The Greek preposition and prefix hyp?- ?under, down, from under? is thoroughly naturalized in English. Formerly words beginning with hypo- were pronounced with a short vowel, as in ?hip?; nowadays the prefix rhymes with ?high? except for hypocrite and hypocrisy. The second component, -gaios or -geios, is a derivative of the Greek noun g? (dialectically g??, and in poetry ga?a) ?earth, the (planet) earth, land, country.? G? has the combining form geo-, familiar in the English nouns geography (Greek ge?graph?a ?description of the earth?) and geometry (Greek ge?metr?a ?measurement of the earth?), and, not so obviously, in the personal name George (from Greek ge?rg?s, from unattested geoworg?s ?farmer??literally ?earth worker?; the combining form -worg(os) is related to English ?work.?) Hypogeal entered English in the late 17th century.