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kobold (noun) – 1. An often mischievous household elf in German folklore.
2. A gnome that haunts underground places in German folklore.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : In German folklore a Kobold is either of two things: a spirit living in human houses like a brownie or pixie, playing pranks but also doing small chores for the humans; a spirit or goblin haunting mines. Kobold is also the source of the name for the metallic element found in silver mines, usually combined with poisonous arsenic. Medieval German silver miners had no use for cobalt, let alone its potentially poisonous effects, and called this unwanted element Kobold in the belief that Kobolds, goblins, had switched the silver to this undesirable element. The English spelling cobolt occurs in the late 17th century, and the spelling cobalt in the 18th century. Kobold entered English in the 17th century.