It’s only been 4 days, but Herald declares storm worst of the year [UPDATED]

Phew, that’s it then for the year…the worst is over, with another 360 days left of the year, the Herald has declared this to be the worst storm of the year.

At least 2000 homes are in the dark today?as wild weather hitting?the North island today, line faults and at least one vehicle crash cut the flow of power.

Vector has reported properties throughout Auckland suburbs like Newmarket, Mount Eden, Silverdale, Waiheke and Maraetai have all lost power as a result of weather extremes.

Glen Eden properties are the latest in a string of suburbs to lose power.

Vector report the incident happened on Glengarry Rd at 8.35pm with crews expected to have finished repairs by midnight.

Crews are also working to restore power in Te Atatu South that went out at 8.20pm ? power should be restored by 11.30pm.

Further south, parts of the Bay of Plenty have also lost power.

Hundreds of homes in Mamaku, near Rotorua lost power about 4.45pm. The Unison website states 379 customers were initially affected, with the final 53 in Amoore Rd, Cecil Rd and Maraeroa Rd expected to be restored by midnight.

At least 200 homes in Tauranga are currently without power, in the suburbs of Ohauiti and Hairini.

At least 900 properties lost power at some stage this evening in Tauranga and Te Puke.

Strong wind gusts are often the main cause of power cuts as winds can damage power lines directly or indirectly causing vegetation and other debris to blow into lines Vector spokesman Matthew Britton said.

Four-hundred-and-twenty properties in the Maraetai area lost power after a vehicle collided with a power pole.

As a result, the 12.5m pole needs replacing, Britton said.

Here at WOBH HQ it was a bit hairy around high tide, with waves breaking over the rock wall at the front of our place. The seaweed is banked up halfway across the lawn to the house. We had a couple of power outages…which meant I had to talk to my MIL.

But the worst of the year? Meh.

The kiddies are still in charge at the Herald over the holidays.

UPDATED: They’ve changed the headline:





-NZ Herald