All about that ‘youthquake’

PM Jacinda Ardern makes the secret Whaleoil hand signal WO

The left-wing are all a flutter about the so-called ‘youth-quake’

Nick Cater in The Australian isn’t similarly enamoured with the word, noting:

Before bidding an indifferent farewell to 2017, let us ponder what is meant by ?youth-quake?, the Oxford English Dictionary?s word of the year, and some of the other ?neologisms of the past 12 months.

A youth-quake, we are told, almost cost the Conservatives power in last year?s British general election when restless millennials voted for Jeremy Corbyn, an ageing muddle-headed mugwump, to borrow Boris Johnson?s sobriquet. There was a small youth-quake in New Zealand in September, after which a 37-year-old woman with ostentatious teeth and a modest degree from the University of Waikato discovered she had become Prime Minister. No one knows how or why.??

Despite the many words devoted to the topic, we await a convincing explanation of why the youth of today are quaking or what sort of world they want it to be when the ground settles.

Little has changed, in other words, since James Dean?s 1955 performance of a restless, middle-class teenager in?Rebel Without a Cause,?apart from their age. Today?s teenagers include people in their 30s. The youth-quake generation?s causes are invariably ?First World problems?, to use a phrase added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary to describe ?a minor annoyance experienced by people in relatively affluent circumstances?.

I don’t think Jacinda Ardern even knows how she ended up as PM. Her top ministers are still deluded into thinking they “won”…and therefore have carte-blanche with policy, and while that may be true in that they’ve formed a government they need to be mindful that close to 50% of the population don’t subscribe to that view.


-The Australian