Another day another ‘award’

Someone drew my attention to another ‘award’ for me:

The Too Much Information Award goes to Colin Craig and Cameron Slater for exposing us all to another courtroom dissection of the Craig-Rachel MacGregor saga.

Please. Please. Make it stop. The love poetry. The massages. The ?sauna interview?. We can?t take any more. Nobody can. Sob (bites knuckle)?

Of course, what these clowns don’t seem to realise is that when people sue you, they are doing it to try to just ruin you financially or reputationally then there is no real way to settle things and so you HAVE TO defend yourself.

If in defending one’s self you have to uncover the truth, which was the basis upon which you published articles then whinging media luvvies really shouldn’t complain about it.

No one wants to spend literally years fighting, and weeks in court, spending a vast fortune to do so. But when you are dealing with narcissists and bullies then you can’t get out of it like you could if you were dealing with sensible people.

So, suck it up you cupcakes at Metro. Until our courts start to have sensible ways of dealing with people engaged in lawfare then this will continue. The only reason they take these cases is to silence people from telling the truth about them.

Of course, expect appeal after appeal despite constant losses. Narcissists are like that.

This year will see two more cases come to their inevitable, and successful conclusion (in my favour). The toll, financially, mentally and physically, is something lesser mortals couldn’t really cope with, even with one case, let alone three.

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