Apparently it is us versus them

If you want to take to take a peek inside the mind of a young socialist to understand how they view the world then Justine Sachs AKA Justine Rose is a fascinating study. Her ignorance of market forces and cause and effect leads her to jump to the most entertaining conclusions about the rental shortage for students. Apparently, the problem is not Labour’s stupid socialist policies, their policies simply weren’t socialist enough! These?landlords need to be told who is boss and rent controlled into submission.

We are many, they are few. We have the ability to organise and exercise our own power in numbers. They are organised and work together, we must organise and work together. We should not be at their mercy.

Yes, when I was a landlord I just loved having tenants at my mercy. I didn’t sacrifice and save and do without to create a passive income for my family, it was all about having power over tenants.

The owning class wont concede or give-up anything without a struggle. Unless we reign them in they’ll continue to swallow up any small state assistance workers get.

A new class has been created in order to demonise us. Fuel used to be fuel until progressives renamed it fossil fuel to demonise it. Normal heterosexual men and women were relabelled cis-gendered to make trans-gendered seem less bizarre. To pit man against man classes were invented so that there could be a class struggle. It is no longer enough to pit the working class against the middle class, now we have to be labelled the owning class. Work hard, save and buy an asset and you become a member of this demonised class. How dare you provide housing to the non-owning class and expect a good return for your efforts!

The thing you should take away from this rent increase debacle is that we need class struggle not tinkering reforms.

Struggle away, Justine. Your efforts will scare even more landlords out of the market and will increase your problems tenfold.

Hi @actionstation let’s campaign for rent control. Housing costs is the primary cause of poverty and inequality in New Zealand. Student hardship is real and we deserve protection and a real reprieve from exploitative greedy landlords.

Who are these greedy, exploitative landlords? Oh yes, that’s right, all of them.

I can barely contain my rage. I’m incensed by how idiotic Labour policy is, feel truly revolted by landlords greed. Landlords are sociopaths. We should encourage a nationwide rent strike, this is unfuckingbelievable.

Ouch, just as well Justine believes in non-violent protest.

Hmmm sounds like someone may have missed out on a flat she wanted recently.