BDS bullies gloating about Lorde decision

NZ BDS Bully, professional activist and fake Jew Justine Sachs has another go at promoting Lorde’s capitulation as a BDS win and promotion for greater things using Al Jazeera:

Justine Sachs, a Jewish New Zealander, who co-wrote the letter to Lorde, told Al Jazeera she was “overjoyed and surprised” when she found out the artist had listened to her?request?not to play in Israel.

The 23-year-old graduate student said she and Nadia Abu-Shanab, the Palestinian activist she wrote the letter with, were both fans of Lorde but were unsure whether she would pull out of the show because of possible contractual obligations.

“[We] knew her to be a conscious and engaged person who cares about social justice so we thought she would be sympathetic to the cause,” she said.

“We were unsure about whether she would be able to cancel the show, even if she wanted to.

“The fact that she cancelled regardless of all this is a testament to her bravery and courage, and I have so much more respect than I already had for Lorde.”

But according to Sachs, Lorde’s decision has more than just personal significance and should be seen as a major milestone for the BDS movement.?

The BDS movement started in 2005, after a call issued by Palestinian civil society groups for “people of conscience” around the world to help end Israel’s abuses against Palestinians, by cutting off cultural, academic, and economic ties with the state.

With the advent of social media in recent years, the movement has gained traction and popularity among supporters of the Palestinian cause.

She also goes by the name Justine Rose when she is trying to block student groups she doesn’t agree with being affiliated to Auckland University Students Association. She only rolls out the Sachs surname when she goes all anti-Semitic.

That is an opinion shared by Sachs, who said Lorde’s decision was “a huge victory for the BDS movement, perhaps the biggest victory yet.?

It is a huge turning point, and demonstrates that all the time, effort and money put into delegitimising BDS and painting the movement as anti-Semitic or extreme is not working,” she said, adding: “People are beginning to realise that BDS is a legitimate and essential non-violent strategy to help end Israel’s human rights violations and the occupation.”

Calling the reaction by pro-Israeli activists “expected”, Sachs said Lorde’s cancellation was evidence that young people, including those who are Jews, no longer had a blind spot with regard to Israel’s “oppression of Palestinians.

“That’s a scary prospect for Zionists and the hysterical and, frankly, tone-deaf response illustrates that.”

I bet Ella?Yelich-O’Connor is ecstatic she is now the poster girl for the bullying BDS movement.

All the claims by supporters of Lorde that she wasn’t involved in BDS can now be dismissed. The organiser of the campaign is claiming victory. This is why the Jewish Council was wrong for their mealy mouthed response to the full page ad. You can’t deal rationally with people like BDS. You must deal with them in the same manner, otherwise they win.


-Al Jazeera