BDS groups cry rivers of tears

Boycott Divest and Sanction groups are outraged that their tactics are being used against them but the best bit is their outrage at not being able to access superior Israeli medical help.

Go Figure! Boycotters Not Happy About Being Boycotted

A number of groups who try to persuade people to not come to Israel now find themselves not able to come to Israel.

Funnily enough, they are?not happy about it.

?Boycott Israel, just like we do. Except for the times we are in Israel, contributing to their economy when we buy food and pay for accommodation.?

Rights groups on Sunday slammed the Israeli government for publishing a??blacklist of BDS groups whose members will be banned from entering the country, saying Israel was trying to coerce opponents of the occupation, including US Jews, into silence.

What rubbish. They can say what they like in their own countries they are simply not welcome inside the country they are so keen to terrorise economically. I wouldn’t invite relatives to my home who actively worked to bankrupt my business and cost me my home so why should Israel welcome American Jews who do the same?

The list, containing 20 organizations from around the world,?was published earlier by the Strategic Affairs Ministry?which said Israel was justified in preventing entry to members of Boycott, Divest and Sanction proponents who aim to harm the country.

Jewish Voice for Peace, the only Jewish group on the list, responded to the ban […]

?The public naming of JVP on this list is significant,? Vilkomerson wrote. ?Clearly, the Israeli government is very aware that increasing numbers of Jews and all people worldwide support the BDS movement, and are seeking to intimidate and coerce […]

Nope, they just don’t want you in their country spending your activist dollars on Israeli food and accommodation. You should thank them for preventing you from being even bigger hypocrites than you already are.

Along with other rights groups, Vilkomerson warned that the ban could have far-reaching implications for Palestinians living in the West Bank or abroad.

?Palestinians from the West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem or abroad who are married to Israeli citizens, for example, may be forced between not traveling abroad at all or finding themselves in exile when they attempt to return,? she wrote.??Those who want to enter Israel for medical treatment or family reunification may find it impossible.?
Let?s just stop there for a second. Why is this BDS-hole ok with someone entering Israel for medical treatment??

Ismail Haniyeh
Former Prime Minister of the Palestinian National Authority

Adalah, an Israeli organization providing legal aid for Arabs, warned that the ban will restrict family visits and family unification for Palestinians in the West Bank.
Yet they did not seem too concerned about trying to cause hundreds of palestinians to lose their jobs by?promoting the boycott of Sodastream.

In other words, these boycotters are monumental hypocrites. But we knew that already.

The worse of it is that they only boycott selectively. This is what BDS group member tablets would look like if they 100% boycotted Israeli technology.

The activists who promote the BDS movement have no shame as they are quite happy to take advantage of what Israel has to offer without any cognitive dissonance at all like this BDS leader Omar Barghouti for example…

By the way, here?s the full blacklist:

United States:
? AFSC (American Friends Service Committee)
? AMP (American Muslims for Palestine)
? Code Pink
? JVP (Jewish Voice for Peace)
? NSJP (National Students for Justice in Palestine)
? USCPR (US Campaign for Palestinian Rights)

? AFPS (The Association France Palestine Solidarit?)
? BDS France
? BDS Italy
? ECCP (The European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine)
? FOA (Friends of al-Aqsa)
? IPSC (Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign)
? Norge?? Palestinakomitee?(The Palestine Committee of Norway)
? PGS Palestinagrupperna i Sverige?(Palestine Solidarity Association in Sweden)
? PSC (Palestine Solidarity Campaign)
? War on Want
? BDS Kampagne

Latin America
? BDS Chile

South Africa
? BDS South Africa

? BNC (BDS National Committee)

Sadly our New Zealand BDS activists are not on the list. Someone needs to add them quick smart.