A bit of street justice?

Joining the dots can be rewarding sometimes.

Police are making progress on finding out why an injured man was allegedly dumped at the Tauranga Hospital.

The man died shortly after he was dropped off at the emergency department with critical injuries, around 12.20pm on Wednesday.

Police stopped in at an Otumoetai home on Thursday morning and said a man was “now assisting police with our investigation“.

“Police are confident there is no further risk to the public,” a statement from?Detective Inspector Lewis Warner said.

On Wednesday, hospital staff treated?the injured man but?he died a short time later.

Police were trying to work out how the man was injured, a police spokesperson told?Sunlive?on Wednesday.

I love the euphemisms Police use. Let me translate. ‘We know who did it, he knows we know he did it, the dead guy got what was coming to him, but it’s still a crime.’

The next news article mentions an arrest and the name of the deceased:

A man has been charged with murder after the death?of a Tauranga man.

Lance Wayne Waite, 58, died on Wednesday after being dumped at Tauranga Hospital,?Detective Inspector Lewis Warner said in a statement.

The 26-year-old man will appear at the Tauranga District Court on Friday.

Back in 2010 he was a Mongrel Mob member involved in kidnapping and rape:

A Mongrel Mob member wanted by police for kidnapping a woman and using her as a sex slave has been captured by Rotorua police.

Lance Waite was on the run from Gisborne police on serious sex charges relating to a woman who was held against her will and sexually abused by him and allegedly by others.

Waite, a 51-year-old fruit picker, pleaded guilty to three serious sex charges in relation to an incident on Saturday and appeared in the Rotorua District Court before Judge James Weir.

Waite admitted one charge of detaining a woman without her consent for the purpose of her having sex with unknown persons and two counts of sexually violating the woman at Gisborne on February 13.

The court was told Waite drove around Gisborne for a couple of hours before letting her go.

When he first appeared in court on Monday, lawyer Harry Edward asked for the case to be stood down to discuss the charges with police and have the matter resolved.

After his guilty plea, police withdrew firearms and drugs charges against Waite.

Mr Edward yesterday requested that a restorative justice meeting be held between Waite and the victim.

Judge Weir recommended the meeting go ahead, if the victim chose to take part.

Waite has been remanded in custody for a pre-sentence report and sentencing in the Gisborne High Court next Monday.

Perhaps his hard criminal life has finally caught up with him.

I doubt many people will care much that a Mongrel Mob member has turned up dead.


-Fairfax, Rotorua Daily Post