Book Review Of The Day – A Soul Burned

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The Whaleoil Book Club is a compilation of recommended books from readers.

This holiday season we are going to review approximately one book per day so that it gives people a chance to do their own research on the books and authors by using the links provided and not miss out by being bombarded by a whole lot at once.

The purpose is to share with others sources of information and/or entertainment to aid with relaxing as people take some time off work.

Each post is set out with the name of who submitted it, the name of the book and author and a short review in the form of a comment from whoever submitted it.

Todays review came from?Brian Dingwall

A Soul Burned.

By Richard Curtis.

Brian said: “An exciting first novel by a New Zealand author, passionate pilot (and Auckland Grammar old boy)…vivid description of the carpet bombing of Dresden, the hero is a Mosquito pilot, and the detail of both the attack and of flying the remarkable airplane in action are compelling.”

Amazon said: “On 14th February, 1945, the Allies fire-bombed Dresden, killing tens of thousands and starting a political row and propaganda war that lasted years. James Dalton leads the Pathfinder group that pinpoints the target with flares and ensures that maximum destruction is done. The raid is proclaimed a success or an atrocity, depending on which side of the propaganda machine you are on.”

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