Book Review Of The day – The Vanquished – Why The First World War Failed To End

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Todays review came from?Wally Betts’ Sock

The Vanquished – Why The First World War Failed To End, 1917-1923.

By Robert Gerwarth.


Wally said: “A study of how violence accompanied the end of the European Empires at the end of WWI, and how revolution and the emergence of nationalistic ideals in Eastern Europe set in motion the mechanisms that precipitated WWII.”

Amazon said: “In?The Vanquished, a highly original and gripping work of history, Robert Gerwarth asks us to think again about the true legacy of the First World War. In large part it was not the fighting on the Western Front that proved so ruinous to Europe?s future, but the devastating aftermath, as countries on both sides of the original conflict were savaged by revolutions, pogroms, mass expulsions, and further major military clashes. In the years immediately after the armistice, millions would die across central, eastern, and southeastern Europe before the Soviet Union and a series of rickety and exhausted small new states would come into being. It was here, in the ruins of Europe, that extreme ideologies such as fascism would take shape and ultimately emerge triumphant.”


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