You can buy meat that hasn’t been Halal slaughtered from Moreish in Palmerston North

I contacted all the businesses that readers told me about in a previous post about my search for suppliers of non-Halal meat and only one so far has been able to provide me with an assurance that their meat has NOT been slaughtered according to Sharia law. They confirmed via e-mail that they sell beef and lamb that wasn’t slaughtered by a Muslim slaughterman who said Muslim prayers over it.

I followed up with two major meat organisations twice after requesting a list of those butchers and meat suppliers who could provide our readers with non-Halal meat and so far I have been totally ignored. I very much fear that they didn’t reply because the majority if not all of their members cannot provide us with non-Halal meat despite New Zealand being a majority non-Muslim country.

One very honest and helpful butcher explained that her meat was not halal as she stored lamb and beef with pork rendering it no longer Halal but she could not confirm how it was slaughtered before it was supplied to her. She told me to check with her supplier to get a definitive answer. Her supplier has not responded to my request.

Hi Juana,

All of meat is not halal slaughtered.

Regards Ngawai


The Moreish team

I was going to publish this post earlier in the week but I first sent an e-mail to Moreish asking them if they would like to offer our readers a discount or special offer of some kind if they made an order with them today. They haven’t got back to me so I have decided to give them the free publicity anyway and I encourage you all if you order from the website today to let them know which website put you on to them as well as why you have chosen to give them your business.