Confused by the transgender terminology?

Cam the other day admitted to me that he couldn’t tell the difference between a transgender woman and a transgender man because he wasn’t sure which was which just from the term.? I have come up with a simple way to assist those of you who are also confused and cannot tell Arthur from Martha.

Substitute the word “transgender” for the word “Fake” and all will be revealed. A transgender woman is a fake woman so biologically is a man. Below is an example of a transgender woman.

The Sun
Sophie Cook The first transgender woman in the football Premier League

A transgender man is a fake man so is biologically a woman. Below is an example of a transgender man.

Daily Mail
Kaci Sullivan says his second pregnancy as a male is a far happier experience

Now that we have sorted out that confusion let’s?look at what happens when you request to be examined by a person of the same sex as you.

A woman who requested a female nurse for an intimate procedure was?given an ?obviously male??member of staff with stubble and tattoos, who claimed to be a transsexual.
The National Health Service (NHS) patient said she was??embarrassed and distressed? when summoned by?a nurse with ?an obviously male appearance ??close-cropped hair, a male facial appearance and voice, large number of tattoos and facial stubble? to carry out a cervical smear,?The Times?reports.

When she pointed out what she thought was a mistake, the nurse told her off:??My gender is not male. I?m a transsexual.?

Speaking after the examination, which she ultimately decided to abandon, the patient said it was ?weird where somebody says to you: ?My gender is not male? and you think: ?Well, what does that even mean? You are clearly a man.? ?

In a formal letter of complaint, she objected that??People who are not comfortable about this are presented as bigots and this is ? kind of how I was made to feel about it.?

The incident raises concerns about the governing Tory Party?s proposed Gender Recognition Act, spearheaded by lesbian Education Secretary?Justine Greening, which seeks to ?de-medicalise? the gender transition process and allow men to legally change gender with a simple self-declaration.

Yet another anti-science initiative where activists are trying to force the public to pretend that a simple self-declaration magically turns Bob into Sue.

Greening has described the change as necessary to ?[tackle] some of the historic prejudices that still persist in our laws and giving LGBT people a real say on the issues affecting them?, but critics have said it could allow biological males easy access to women?s lavatories, changing areas, and even refuges without a medical professional having ever diagnosed them with genuine gender dysphoria.

[…] the clinic where this particular incident took place, conceded that its nurse had self-identified as a woman, but that they had not been employed on that basis.

?We apologised to this patient for the recording error and because the staff member accepted they didn?t manage the situation appropriately; the patient needed to feel listened to. Trust policy is to consider seriously all requests for clinicians of a particular gender,? the trust said in a statement.

The patient is fortunate to have received an apology, as police guidance could easily have allowed the trust to report her?complain as an anti-trans ?hate crime?, or at least a ?non-crime hate incident?.

The fun and games will really start when the Lefties two favourite victimhood groups, Muslims and the LGBT lobby become opposed. Which group do you think will win?