Convince me: Books should never be banned or burned

Jiles Masiclat reads a book at the Aviano Air Base, Italy library.
Source: Deana Heitzman, “‘Paws to Read’ Inspires Summer Reading,”, June 18, 2014

People who believe that parents and other adults should be able to remove or ban books from libraries argue that they have the right to decide what material their children are exposed to and when; that children should not be exposed to sex, violence, drug use, or other inappropriate topics in school or public libraries; and that keeping books with inappropriate content out of libraries protects kids but doesn’t stop people for reading those books or prevent authors from writing them. People who believe that no one should be able to ban or remove books from libraries argue that parents may control what their own children read, but don’t have a right to restrict what books are available to other people; that frequently challenged books help people get a better idea of the world and their place in it; and that books are a portal to different life experiences and reading encourages empathy and social-emotional development.

Books should never be banned or burned.

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