Convince me: Marriage is better than living together if you have children

Men used to be able to avoid “cock?tax” by not marrying the women they lived with but these days the government (financially at least) binds people financially if the couple are:

  • married
  • in a civil union
  • in a de facto relationship for at least three years??
  • in a de facto relationship for less than three years, and have a child?
  • in a de facto relationship for less than three years where one partner has made substantial contributions to the relationship, and it would cause serious injustice if that person?was not covered

Given that if the relationship fails and you have a child together you have to give the other 50% of whatever you own regardless, isn’t marriage a more stable arrangement for a couple with children?

Are a couple more likely to try to work problems out if they are married?

Is marriage more of a commitment than a mortgage?

Convince me.

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