The Daily Whaleoil Crossword is on its way do you want a FREE taste?

Our Whaleoil Daily Online crossword is almost ready. Our Editor AKA the Boss wanted to immediately limit it to subscribers ONLY as it is an added service that we wanted to give them all as a thank you for their loyal support of Whaleoil.

I took the boss aside and whispered in his ear. Okay I was a little more forceful than that but I needed to grab his attention. How will readers know what they are missing out on I argued if they haven’t had a chance to try it out for themselves first?

Being the advertising genius?that I am I suggested that we act like Drug dealers and give everyone a chance to get hooked before we take it away again and make it only accessible to subscribers.

The good news is that I have convinced him to give you all a weeks FREE access from tomorrow but the bad news is that if my evil plan succeeds?some of you who previously had no reason to sign up for a bronze subscription will now feel a little motivation to do so.

It will only cost you 32c a day to exercise your brain every morning as well as remove all the ads and enjoy faster loading times. PLUS you can dump the NZ Herald (that you only get for the Crossword anyway) and SAVE money by finally replacing them with Whaleoil for good!