So who exactly will be impacted by Israel’s BDS ban?

Arsen Ostrovsky

So who exactly will be impacted by Israel’s ban of the BDS? An international lawyer and political analyst, Arsen Ostrovsky has provided an excellent explanation of the ramifications of Israel’s new policy on his twitter feed.

Earlier today, the Ministry of Strategic Affairs released list of 20 orgs recommended to be denied entry into Israel based on their?#BDSactivities.

Lot of misinformation, so will endeavour to clarify […]

First & foremost, *EVERY* nation has right under int’l and domestic law to determine who enters and does not enter its borders. There is no automatic right of entry to non-citizens.

In order to be denied entry into Israel, the person must have undertaken serious, ongoing and consistent actions to promote and advance BDS against Israel.

The regulation *explicitly excludes* political criticism of Israel as a criterion.?

It is noteworthy here, that efforts to promote boycott of Israel go beyond mere ‘political consideration’, but are an extremist, racist methodology that ultimately seeks destruction of Israel.

The regulation is aimed “major players” and “senior leadership” of the BDS movement and not ordinary supporters or sympathizers.


Immigrants to New Zealand, Justine Sachs AKA Justine Rose and Nadia Abu-Shanab AKA Nadia?Filistin will no doubt be pleased to learn that they will not be prevented from supporting Israels’ economy in the traditional activist way. Because they are both only small virtue signalling cogs in the large and vicious BDS machine they will be allowed to visit?Israel to protest at the wall. While they are there they can spend their Kiwi dollars on comfortable Israeli accommodation and Israeli food and drink, (Cam says the limonana?and hummus are to die for)

limonana: Israeli fresh mint lemonade. The most refreshing drink of the summer!

They will then be able to put their protest photos on social media and swan around in a cloud of smug feeling like they have achieved something while boosting the Israeli economy with their purchases of Israeli jewellery, hijabs and whatever other goodies catch their eyes. Being a liberal democracy there will be also plenty of LBBT activities to entertain Justine and her partner and the Israeli nightlife and the beaches are wonderful places to be when on a virtue signalling holiday.

A number of organizations on the list, for [email protected]?&[email protected], not only actively promote a boycott of Israel, but also support use of violence and terror.

In recent years for example, UK banned entry to notorious extremists Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer, because deemed “not conducive to the public good” and because “would not stand for extremism in any form.”

The extreme irony here is that neither Pamela nor Robert have ever supported violence or terror in any way shape or form. In fact, they both speak out against Islamic violence and terror which is why they were labelled extremists by the UK. If the UK can ban them with no public outcry then no one can complain about Israel banning BDS leaders who support violence and terrorism.

More recently, Poland rejected entry to far-right American Neo-Nazi Richard Spenser while 25 other countries in Europe denied him entry based on Schengen provisions, due to his extremist views.

?In other words, Israel, like every democracy and sovereign nation, is entitled under law to determine to whom it may grant (or deny) entry.

It is a bit rich & hypocritical of the organizations noted in the list to complain about being boycotted from a country that they themselves seek to promote a boycott of.

This latest action is part of the Israeli government’s policy (spearheaded by [email protected]?here) to go on offensive against those who seek to delegitimize, boycott & cause harm to the State of Israel.?

Enough is enough.

As the Corporal Jones character was so fond of saying on the T.V show Dad’s Army, “They don’t like it up ’em, they really don’t”

? Arsen Ostrovsky (@Ostrov_A)?January 7, 2018