FFS, first world problems people…first world problems

Some people just have to whinge and be outraged.

This time it is over a Police recruitment video…and the outrage…cars are parked on the footpath:

The video has since drawn more criticism after Andy Smith, the president Living Streets Aotearoa, noticed several vehicles parked on footpaths during the filming.

Smith made a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority stating the action breached Clause 6.14 of the Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004.??

The rule states a driver or person in charge of a vehicle must not stop, stand, or park the vehicle on a footpath or on a cycle path.

The ASA Chair noted Smith’s concerns but acknowledged that, while not ideal, the scenes were a fleeting part of the overall advertisement.

The Chair’s view was that the advertisement was not promoting parking on the footpath as an appropriate behaviour and it was unlikely to encourage a disregard for safety.

The Chair said the advertisement did not reach the threshold to breach the Code of Ethics and there were no grounds to proceed with the complaint.

In a release, Smith said while the ASA might think the advert was funny, Living Streets was not laughing.

“This is the problem, the people who own cars think they can park on the footpath. That is wrong and should not be promoted in any advertisement.

“Give footpaths back to those who walk, run, wheelchair and push babies.”

Living Streets Aotearoa seeks to provide a positive voice for people on foot and works to promote walking-friendly planning and development around the country.

What a complete wanker. Who is this prick moaning and wasting resources by complaining?

Well it turns out he is well versed in wasting resources…he’s part of the Skypath bludgers wasting money on a cycle path for the Harbour bridge. He is basically a professional womble and busy-body.

I bet he walks around with a clipboard. I can’t wait until he rings up the Police for some assistance…sorry pal…just a bit busy right now.

Bloody jobsworth.


-NZ Herald