Four National leadership prospects…which one?

The above image is from the latest Woman’s Weekly…and feature a few women MPs (Yes, Tamati Coffey counts as a woman, he’s a big girl’s blouse).

Amongst them there are four National MPs and all have previously been touted as leaders.

There is whispers about challenges to Bill and the thought amongst National party members that it should be a woman to counter Jacinda Ardern.??

So, here is an impromptu opportunity to rate four candidates for National’s new leader.

Candidate A – Has the unfortunate initials of AA and I’m not talking about cars. Even after falling in the water fully clothed she can’t manage to turn that smile the right way up.

Candidate P – Dressed like a loon, but I guess you can’t be picky when all you have to wear are tents. Acts like a loon too.

Candidate N – Provided a Woman’s mag with a picture of her pussy? How sad.

Candidate J – To be honest this candidate is my favourite, but you already knew that. Looking like a leader, and casually referencing arts and sport…