This is what happens when you raise expectations in opposition


Kelvin Davis crusaded on behalf of Kiwi ratbags in Australia…while in opposition.

Since being made a minister his grandstanding has stopped and now he is caught out with his actions not reflecting his opposition rhetoric.

A pressure group is slamming the New Zealand Government, saying it has abandoned Kiwi-born detainees who face being deported from Australia.

Pressure group Iwi N Aus co-ordinator Filipa Payne spoke to RadioLIVE on Tuesday about the heartbreak and despair as they face being separated from their Australian families.

She demands to know where the New Zealand voice is for our citizens – and calls out the lack of action from Labour’s deputy leader Kelvin Davis.

Ms Payne says there are approximately 175 people currently being detained in “horrific” conditions, which has included Kiwis being “put in cages”. Many of them, she says, haven’t done anything to deserve it.

“I’ve personally spoken to people who’ve been in detention centres for graffiti. This person I spoke to had an intellectual handicap,” she says.

“I’ve spoken to people who’ve been in detention centres for various amount of crimes. I’ve also spoken to people and visited people who’ve been in detention centres in Australia for no crimes.”

Ms Payne says that when Labour’s Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis was in Opposition he was vocal in criticising the situation. However since he’s gained power he’s gone quiet.

“What he’s doing now, on the other hand, I myself have been disappointed,” she says.

I’ve lived and hoped that he would stand up and back what he’s said in front of people – but at the moment he’s actually absent. He’s quiet, he’s in the shadows.”

Once deported back here, away from their jobs, families and support networks the deportees are reduced to “living in cars”. It’s their children that suffer the most, Ms Payne says, separated from their fathers.

She’s calling for urgent action to protect the rights of New Zealand citizens.

“The current situation at the moment is we have people sitting in detention centres who are New Zealand citizens who are not being represented in any political statement by our Government,” she argues.

“So I’d like to ask the New Zealand Government to stand by what they stood up for, for the last two years in Opposition and actually back and support the hope and the promises that they gave to people.”

Mr Davis has been contacted for comment.

He was available for comment all the time on this issue when in opposition…now he is nowhere to be seen.

Another minister finding out that opposition is easy compared to the reality of government.

Too bad, he made his bed, now he can lie in it. This is what happens when you promote criminal friendly policies.