Hollywood, the ultimate in double standards

Stars say ‘Time’s Up’ during 2018 Golden Globes

Like cockroaches creeping out at night to defecate on our food, Hollywood?s heroines bring yet more complaints of sexual misconduct to their besties, the media.

Some of them go back 20 to 30 years and are impossible to prove one way or the other when it all comes down to ?he said, she said, and he did, she did?.

The media have decided their Hollywood darlings couldn?t possibly be telling untruths, despite the fact that these women spend their lives convincing others they are someone they are not.??They are actresses.

Trial by media. The guilty are always the men.??End of story.

[…] over 30 women have come forward with allegations against Weinstein. Weinstein responded [….] ?Any allegations of nonconsensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein. Mr. Weinstein has further confirmed that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances.?


So why did you not come forward at the time?

Because all 30+ of you decided to suck it up.??You chose career opportunities and money over speaking out.

So don?t whine that you were exploited, when you chose not to speak out and protect other young women.

You chose to keep your mouth shut, play the game and take the money.??If your claim is true, that was a bad decision which any number of Hail Mary?s won?t absolve you from now.

You were desperate and it’s tough breaking into Hollywood.??The movie industry wanted your young, beautiful naked body and blatant sexuality, so you chose to trade it for a big bank balance and stardom.??At the time it mattered not that Weinstein, or anyone else, got a piece.

Now you?re older, have you seen the error of your ways or have you just figured out how to get publicity now that your allure has faded?

Should we have any sympathy for the men at the mercy of your regret, grudge or craving for publicity???Are they all guilty?

Whatever it is that motivates you to speak up now, you?re not going to tell us.

Instead, you deflect by professing to speak on behalf of all women, on subjects like , Trump, global warming, diversity and gender parity when none of your opinions matter.??To anyone.

Cher has repeatedly voiced her less than favorable opinion of Donald Trump in interviews and on social media. In August, the famed performer called the?“insane and sociopathic narcissist”?Trump a “consummate liar”?and went on to add, “I just wish he’d fall off the face of the earth.” Cher, do us all a favour and leap into your long overdue retirement.

Another washed-up actress, Darryl Hannah said media need to join fight against global warming. Need I say more about the need for publicity?

?We want diversity, we want intersectional gender parity, we want equal pay,? [said Deborah] Messing yesterday. And Meryl Streep, [said] ?People are aware now of a power imbalance, and it?s something that has led to abuse.”

Yeah well, power imbalance is part of life.??The rest of the world faces it every single day, men and women.

We get adept at workarounds and making fun of morons like you.??Get used to it.