Hope the owner sends Susan Devoy a thank you card. I would.

The restaurant attacked by Susan Devoy for having a bit of a laugh over Asian fusion menu items has hit the big time, all thanks to Susan Devoy and her lack of understanding about The Streisand Effect.

The?Christchurch restaurant at the centre of the international media?storm over its controversial menu has boasted capacity crowds.

While Bamboozle?owner and chef?Phillip Kraal was unavailable?to take calls from reporters, the restaurant boasted a full house on Friday night, following debate over its menu many have called?racist.

The?Asian fusion restaurant posted “first sitting tonight full… boom!” to its?Facebook page.

It has been operating with the menu for two years, but sparked widespread interest?last?week when a?Stuff?restaurant reviewer?accused?it of?using “racist, sexist language”?by labelling dishes on its menu with names such?as?”suk sum?teet” and “chirri?an?garrik?prawn?dumpring”.

However readers?were divided over whether the menu?was racist or humorous.

A Stuff?poll received almost 26,000 responses, with the majority saying those offended were being too?politically correct.

Fifty-nine per cent of responses to “should Bamboozle change its menu?” were against any changes, while the?minority believed it was?culturally insensitive.

Well done Susan, I hope the owner sends you a nice bunch of flowers for all your marketing efforts.

I have an idea for him to increase his revenue even further. He should offer golliwogs for sale at the restaurant reception.

Nice to see that Christchurch still has some good old Kiwi people living there who know a joke when they see one.