I hope they are sending this bludger the bill

The stupid old bludger bint who thought a state house was hers and refused to move has cost The Tamaki Regeneration Company more than $44,000 in legal fees.

The Herald, of course, thinks it was her house too:

The legal battle to get a Glen Innes woman to give her state house over to developers cost more than $44,000.

Tamaki Regeneration Company spent months fighting to get possession of the house it needed to make way for a new housing development from Ioela (Niki) Rauti.

It had been the sickness beneficiary’s home for almost three decades, since she took over the lease of the former Housing New Zealand property, after her mother’s death, in 1999.

Previously Rauti said she wanted to protect her rights to a home for life – but TRC wanted to demolish and replace it, along with five neighbouring properties, with 12 new private homes as part of the Tamaki Regeneration project.

TRC, a joint government and Auckland-council owned entity, offered Rauti several replacement homes, all of which she deemed unfit for her needs.

The 62-year-old took her case to the courts with assistance of lawyer Justin Harder who represented her pro-bono.

Information released under the Official Information Act (OIA) showed TRC’s legal costs across five months were $44,557.31.

It said this was covered by “rental income from social houses” owned by Tamaki Regeneration Limited – TRC’s asset-owning subsidiary.

$17,541.50 of the legal cost went towards the District Court case in April and June; $27,015.81 was spent in July, August and September on the High Court case.

The total cost fighting the district court case in April and June of this year reached $17,541.50 – and in July, August and September a total $27,015.81 was spent on the High Court case.

It wasn’t her house, it was the state’s. She lost at every step of the way. I hope she is going to get sent a bill for it. She should have plenty stashed away, it’s not like she has paid market rents for her entire life.

Bludgers like this bint give me the screaming dab dabs. All they ever do is take.


-NZ Herald