Iceland’s virtue signalling law is the exact opposite of what it claims to be

Gender pay gap

Iceland has become the first country to legalise equal pay and by that, it means that employers can be prosecuted for paying a man more than a woman. If that law was passed in New Zealand and enforced fairly it would affect no one as men and women doing the exact same job with the same qualifications and experience already get paid the same. When I was a high school teacher the pay scale ignored the sex of the teacher and rewarded qualifications and years on the job equally.

What the new virtue signalling law is really all about is attempting to say that jobs that are NOT the same must be paid equally. The law is nothing to do with fairness and everything to do with trying to make lower paid jobs mainly filled by women paid the same as higher paid jobs mainly filled by men.?

You don’t see lots of women lining up to do all the dirty and dangerous jobs that so many men do but that won’t stop the virtue signalling from trying to say that a safe non-dangerous job mainly filled by women should be paid the same as a dirty, dangerous job filled by men. Equal pay for equal work already exists but what Iceland’s law is all about is trying to say that different jobs are equal to each other which is not pay parity at all. A female worker in a mine will be paid the same as a male miner with the same experience

Other countries should follow Iceland to make it illegal to pay men more than women, politicians and equal rights campaigners say.

Iceland has been widely praised for introducing legislation on New Year’s Day that imposes fines on any company or government agency with over 25 staff without a government certificate demonstrating pay equality.

Smells like communism. Everyone gets paid the same regardless of ability or output.

The move is part of a bid to eradicate the gender pay gap by 2022 in the Nordic nation where 38 percent of parliamentarians are female[…]

The gender pay gap is a myth. How do you eradicate something that does not exist?

“Iceland is ranked as world’s most gender equal country by (the World Economic Forum) … Clearly Iceland is very serious about gender equality,” former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark wrote on Twitter.

Now that the left has claimed that gender is just a made up social construct how can they at the same time use gender labels to push for pay parity?

Equal rights researchers said they hoped Iceland’s legislation would encourage others to follow suit in tackling the gender pay gap while also highlighting the need to address the lack of women politicians globally.

What we need are strong leaders who make the right decisions to protect their countries citizens, values, laws, economy and culture. Their biological sex is irrelevant. I support President Trump not because he is a biological man but because he is an excellent leader who gets things done and does what he says he will do.

[…]”Ample evidence shows that women work as much as men and are still paid less,” she said.

So what? The number of hours worked is irrelevant, it is the value of the hours you work that counts. A female lawyer can work one hour and get paid more than?a male labourer who worked incredibly hard for eight hours.

– Reuters