How to identify a far-right person according to Wrongly Wrongson

If I describe someone as far-left I am talking about a dyed in the wool communist not a run of the mill socialist. Our PM may have a fondness for the word “comrade” but she is left-wing, not far-left. If she was far-left she would be rounding up the Whaleoil team?with the rest of the political dissidents and imprisoning us in an underground prison below the beehive. There we would be alternately starved and tortured until we either died or submitted to a re-education programme.

The MSM, Social Justice Bullies and left-wing blog writers, however, are very loose with the term far-right. I have put together a handy guide to what Wrongly Wrongson AKA Martyn Martin? Bradbury sees as far-right behaviour or beliefs.

If you criticise a Green politician for admitting that she broke the law you are far-right.

The hypocrisy, vindictiveness and viciousness of the far right against Metiria was stunning

If you support a free market model then you are far-right

Far Right Think Tank says immigration in NZ is ok

If you are a journalist/blogger with 20+ years political experience who is socially liberal and fiscally conservative and you run New Zealand’s largest and most popular new media site then you are far right.

You are particularly far-right if the left hired a criminal hacker to hack?you in order to silence you by passing on the stolen private correspondence to a politically motivated author. This is the same justification as the “punch a Nazi” brigade. In order to be able to justify in their minds their immoral and criminal acts, they need to label their targets as Nazis or far-right.

Stuff use Dirty Politics drenched far right blogger for news source?

Where does Key get off abusing a Pulitzer prize winning Journalist like Glenn Greenwald when he calls a far right hate speech blogger regularly?

If you win the Canon Media award for the best blog it is because you are far-right and somehow forced the poor left-wing judge to pick you because you fulfilled all the criteria perfectly.

Far right hate speech merchant wins best NZ Blog

If you want to tighten aspects of the welfare state to make people more accountable or to encourage them with both a carrot and a stick into employment then you are far-right.

When media as right wing as baulks at bennie bashing you know Paula has gone too far

If you want to allow employers to hire people to work if their workforce is blackmailing them with strike action you are far-right.

Strike bill a return to failed far-right policy

If you use insults you are hard right.

Referring to your opposition as ?Devil Beasts? isn?t center right, it?s hard right.

-The Daily Blog