The idiocy of Martyn Bradbury

Martyn Bradbury never passes up an opportunity to attack neo-liberalism and the free market while making himself look like a complete retard.

His latest attack is against NZ Refining, who operate the Marsden Point Oil refinery.

His post states:

Nothing sums up the madness of our failed 30 year neo-liberal experiment quite like the fact that we have handed over vital infrastructure like oil refinery to private companies whose interests are served by paying as little as possible for that infrastructure.??

The recent disruption of ?supply because a digger severed the oil pipe while hunting Kauri would be hilarious enough, but a recent report into the threat of a tsunami wiping out our refinery infrastructure must demand more attention and intervention?

Tsunami threat to fuel supplies greater than previously thought

The threat from a massive tsunami to New Zealand?s fuel supply is much greater than previously thought, says a report to a government review of infrastructure.

Tsunami waves of up to 7.5m high hitting exposed parts of the east coast of the country ? knocking out the refinery at Marsden Pt, tanks at other ports and other fuel infrastructure ? are judged as more likely than when petroleum supply security was reviewed for the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment five years ago.

?Refining New Zealand is the industry funded pretence to pay for infrastructure so that the Government don?t wise up and demand more serious oversight, thankfully?Resources Minister Megan Woods has ordered an inquiry into the fiasco last year and fingers crossed she extends the focus to whether or not this joke is fit for purpose.

For 30 years we have subcontracted vital physical and social infrastructure off to the free market and had a lowest cost service provided with zero vision.

It?s time that ?we were better than this.

Quite apart from the lie about kauri digging causing the pipeline leak, his facts are more than a little wonky. The real facts can be found at Wikipedia:

Increasing demand for petrol and petroleum related products led the?Nash Labour government?to begin investigating the possibility of constructing an oil refinery. The site at Marsden Point was chosen for the oil refinery due to its location next to a deep water port, low risk of earthquakes, expanses of flat land and closeness to the population centres of the?North Island.

Construction of the refinery began in 1962. A consortium of the New Zealand Government contributed the initial?NZ?10 million budget of the refinery. It was officially opened on 30 May 1964.

In 1973, the government approved a?NZ$160 million expansion of the refinery, involving the addition of a?fluid catalytic cracker. Later that year, the first global?oil shock, sparked by the?Yom Kippur War, raised crude oil prices from US$3 to around US$20 a barrel – however, New Zealand retained reasonable security of supply.

The refinery was ordered by the Nash Labour government, built during the Holyoake years and expanded under the Third Labour government of Norman Kirk. None of them can remotely be called “neo-liberal”.

It was further expanded under the Muldoon government with the Think Big projects. Again, that was pure socialism and not at all neo-liberal.

It wasn’t until the Fourth Labour government under Lange, that the refinery was privatised. But by then all of the decisions about where to build it, how to build it and its financing was all the NZ government, both Labour and National.

So, his claims about neo-liberalism and private companies stealing assets and not looking after them is bullshit, like most of his pathetic prognostications. Neo-liberalism has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the location of the refinery, or its tsunami risk. The man is an unmitigated effwit who knows less than nothing about anything. To think he is a trained school teacher, I shudder to think he could ever be placed in front of a classroom of children.

Martyn is right about one thing, we are better than this.


-The Daily Bog