Ignorant Blog headline of the week


The willful ignorance displayed at the Daily Blog shouldn’t still surprise me but occasionally it does. When I read the above headline all I could think of as a genuine comparison to the text warning of an imminent attack that the people of Hawaii mistakenly received was the people of Israel. When rockets are on their way to Israel from Palestine everyone in Israel, Jews, Muslims, Christians, every citizen gets a text warning on their phone. They then all have to try to get into a bomb shelter before it hits.

Cameron was in Sderot, Israel during rocket season and he experienced firsthand the reality of being an Israeli citizen. Here is a video of him and the other journalists being warned by text, stopping their bus and trying and failing to find a bomb shelter in time. On that day the Iron Dome successfully intercepted the rocket and protected them.

The second reason why the Daily Blog’s headline is so wrong is because the world’s most moral army?Israel warns the Palestinian civilian population when they are about to blow up a military target to give them an opportunity to leave the building. This is necessary because Hamas use schools, hospitals, homes and mosques as military bases and store and fire rockets at Israeli civilians from them.

What happens before the Israeli military bombs your house? For many?Gaza Strip residents, it’s a?phone call. Sawsan Kawarea, a resident of?Khan Younis, said she was in the house Tuesday when the?phone rang. She answered, and on?the other side was ?David,” who claimed he was with the Israeli military.

?He asked for me by name. He said: ?You have women and children in the house. Get out. You have five minutes before the rockets come,? ?[…]

She took her children and ran outside. A small rocket hit the house soon after, Kawarea said. It was apparently the final warning. Five minutes later, a larger missile hit, and the house was destroyed. According to Hamas,?seven people, including three minors, were killed in the Israeli airstrike.[…]

Isn’t it interesting that people were killed despite the phone call and the small rocket?warning??Hamas is known for using children as human shields and using deaths of children as part of their propaganda campaign.

The phone call warning is part of a?broader strategy. For years, the Israeli military has been using?cellphone calls and small?”warning rockets”?? usually sent?from?drones?? to tell?people which buildings it is targeting and give them time to get out. It’s a time-tested strategy for the Israeli military, and it even has a name: “roof knocking.”


In complete contrast, the Palestinians do not warn Israeli citizens about any of their numerous rocket attacks or terror attacks. They also do not warn their own citizens of incoming attacks or provide them with bomb shelters. Instead, Hamas and the Palestinian authority line their own pockets with the millions of dollars of Western aid and instead of building schools, hospitals, bomb shelters, missile warning systems or defence systems like the Iron Dome they build terror tunnels.

The people of Hawaii now have had a tiny taste of what it feels like to be both an Israeli and a Palestinian citizen as they were given a warning of an impending attack. The key difference and one that The Daily Blog will never admit to is that in both cases the only reason why the civilians received a warning and a chance to save themselves was because of the world’s most moral army, the Israeli army.