An interesting point about ‘public service’

Lindsay Mitchell has an interesting point about those waxing lyrical about the death of Jim Anderton:

Reacting to the passing of Jim Anderton, Jacinda Ardern waxed lyrical about how he?“gave 40 years service to New Zealand.”

Up a ladder painting, I responded to nobody in particular, “He didn’t ‘give’ it. He was paid, quite handsomely.”

The notion that public service employees are somehow self-sacrificing needs crushing.??
They occupy some of the best paid and most secure jobs to be found.

Politicians exist in a place of privilege.

And it’s a long way from up my ladder, or amongst the cat-shit under the renovation house, or sweltering in the attic. Places I have enjoyed this year ‘hoping’ to earn a living.

And I think she is right.

If he’d done all that he’d done out of his own pocket and not that of the taxpayers then maybe those waxing lyrical would have a point. But he didn’t and they don’t.

Ardern also said “A man of deeply held values and ideals, he was practical and compassionate.”

I know plenty of conservatives who would meet that description, but I bet Jacinda Ardern would call those people Tory Scum.

I too have deeply held values and ideals, but they aren’t Ardern’s or Anderton’s. I bet if I died tomorrow the left wing would rejoice…and there certainly wouldn’t be any nice words said about me.


-Lindsay Mitchell