Jewish Council wrong to distance itself from criticism of Lorde

Lorde made her music political when she listened to professional activists linked to the BDS bullies. The BDS is a fundamentalist group that is quite prepared to hurt Palestinians and cost them well-paid jobs if their action also hurts an Israeli business. They don’t actually care about peace all they care about is Utu against Israel for the crime of existing.

Lorde put herself in the firing line by choosing to become an activist on the side of a fundamentalist group like the BDS. She should not be given a free pass because she is young and stupid. She should be taught a harsh lesson so that she realises that actions have consequences.

The Jewish council should stop trying to be nice. The BDS and the media don’t treat Israel with respect and being nice and reasonable just makes it easier for them to wipe their feet all over them. It is time to stand up and say we will not be your doormat any longer. If you attack us we will fight back. We are not a voodoo doll that you can continue to poke pins into with impunity.