A letter to The Press from a reader

A reader writes to The Press about why they are cancelling their subscription:

Dear Editor,

Reading The?Press has been such a deeply ingrained part of my daily routine that to cancel my subscription is akin to giving up smoking. I spend about 45 minutes every day reading it and have done for over 40 years.

Before the earthquakes I was going to cancel my subscription for the reasons outlined below, but all credit to you, The Press magnificently rose to challenge and not only published but?also?delivered on the 23rd?February 2011 ? the day after the earthquake. This is despite your building in Cathedral Square ?being wrecked with one staff member killed and others trapped. You fully deserved my ongoing respect and support so the subscription continued.

These moments in history are what makes a person, business, or country stand proud, earning respect, mana, and credibility. The shame of this proud heritage is that your newspaper appears to have been taken over by a largely young, na?ve, glib, self-righteous, biased, and highly politically charged editorial staff.

For a long time The?Press?has been a bad start?to my?day from the?moment?I open it?to be confronted with its?biased?political campaigning,?disguised as news,?to?the generally?negative tone of most news reported.

A good newspaper should present both sides of a subject and let those who articulate be the ones to win the heart and mind of the reader. Alas The?Press now only ever reports on one side of the story and it is always from a regressive view. I say regressive because like so many other wonderful words in the English language ?Progressive? has been commandeered by the left. The truth is there is nothing ?Progressive? about the left?s relentlessly failing ideology.

I don?t ask for much ? just an article or two a day to balance the avalanche of leftist indoctrination that is laced in almost every page?of?your newspaper. Whatever happened to contributors the likes of ?Karl Du Fresne, or Bob Jones, or Rodney Hide? There must be?a?few more writers with depth like these guys who challenge the banal harping on of the left. The Press seldom?lets any of them near its pages.

Your ?relentless beating drums for global warming, polluted rivers, dirty dairying, the rich getting richer, child poverty, housing crisis, Trump, white supremacists, sexism, inequality etc. etc. ?is tiresome. Most of the arguments promoting these causes fall over when put under often the tiniest scrutiny.

There are two sides to every story from all of the above mentioned to Fluoridation, vaccination, and countless other subjects but the other side will never be read in your indoctrination sheet.

Jacinda Adern proudly claimed that ?Capitalism is a failed experiment?. This from a former President of ?International Union of Socialist Youth?. An organisation no matter how it is dressed up?is essentially the world junior communist party.

What does she mean ?A failed experiment?? Capitalism is the coercion free exchange of goods and services between willing buyers and willing sellers. It is this simple action of the free market which has caused an explosion in the supply of goods and services at increasingly lower prices meaning even the poorest in the world have enjoyed a rise in living standards. Even communist countries were forced to allow the free market to operate in some form or other or else their people?would?revolt or in extremes die of starvation (read North Korea).

Saying ?Failed experiment? is like saying freedom has failed.

What Jacinda doesn?t understand, and I suspect neither do your editorial staff, is that governments consume wealth they don?t create it?? and never have.?When our ancestors first trekked over the Port Hills on a roughly cut track they were greeted with nothing but a swamp. I am certain that dividing equally what eventually was created from nothing through hard work, grit, and determination was not on their minds. They simply relished the opportunity each had in front of them and set to create a self- reliant life for themselves and in the process created from nothing the wonderful city of Christchurch.

A little known fact is the New Zealand Government?s share of the economy during all of World War 1 and the 1929 stock market crash with its ensuing depression only marginally exceeded 20% twice and both times only for a year before dropping down to about 16%. Today the government?s share of the economy, when there is no war or depression, is ?about 39%.

The government has doubled its share of the economy for what benefit??Politicians learned from 1893 onwards that votes could be bought using other voters money. Today?s entitlement attitude was born of this political system. What voters have to realise is politicians have two primary responsibilities: The first is to get elected and the second is to get re-elected, anything after that is way down the importance scale. The Press has been boots and all promoting ?social justice causes? that glib politicians grab onto promising they can fix through the reckless spending of taxpayers money. These politicians ratchet up the national debt even in the best of economic times with glib promises ? and almost never does The Press question the effectiveness of this spending.

There are so many things an energetic and free journalist could be researching and writing?that would keep your paper thriving but I fear the leadership is not there to make it happen. More fearfully depressing is, I suspect, the new batch of journalists are so deeply programmed/indoctrinated that they are incapable of critical thought.

If the biased , glib, relentlessly regressive content of The Press is unintentional because intellectually you don?t realise what garbage you are publishing then there is no hope and I wash my hands of you.

On the other hand if the biased , glib, relentlessly regressive content of The Press is intentional then by subscribing I am aiding the enemy financially and helping your readership bragging rights so again I wash my hands of you.

The four?to five?hours a week I spend reading The Press I now realise is a waste of valuable time when that same time could be spent learning new things and enriching myself with other less fake sources of news, politics, philosophy, economics and current affairs.

For the record I would pay double the current subscription fee to get a decent balanced newspaper.

Please cancel the Press subscription for: