Liberals can’t handle the truth

The snivelling left are out to get Trump, even if they have to lie and cheat to do it.

The latest so-called outrage over “shitholes” is a case in point, along with the WaPo re-publishing scurrilous allegations about Trump and a porn star that both Trump and the porn star deny.

George notes:

A wee letter to Donald Trump:

During the film ?A Few Good Men? there is a celebrated line delivered by Jack Nicholson, ?The truth? You don?t know how to handle the truth!? he could have been directing this outrage to today’s Liberal America. You, Mr. President, have to live this celebrated line 24/7 as you are confronting one of the most orchestrated campaigns of psychological abuse ever witnessed in a civilised country. It is quite extraordinary that so many of your country men and women can harness such maniacal and frenzied energy with the sole purpose of expressing their disappointment at you becoming President. This is not the behaviour of a civilised community. The Liberals have turned political opposition into epidemic hysteria, and yet they have the audacity to question your mental stability?

There is a growing admiration for your determination to ?Make America Great Again?. And the evidence is piling up suggesting you are on track. You know, of course, that you didn’t become President by accident. You were voted in by the people, unlike our tiny country who has just fallen victim to a Liberal administration who won power by coalition manipulation. But we too can claim to have an immature Liberal leader. You would be pleased to know that you are not as orange as she imagined! How do we know? She told us so. Yes, it is a Liberal cancer and how it’s spreading.

Your truth will be your legacy. You are claiming back your country for your people. You know B.S. when it confronts you. You will be back for another term. The Liberals? ?They don?t know how to handle the truth?

They can’t handle the truth because they fail to even recognise it.