Map of the day: No-go zones in London

The acid attack hotspots around London which delivery drivers now steer clear of.
Parts of London are now no-go zones because of an epidemic of acid attacks.

No go-Zones London

They have been forced to cut down their hours – taking a massive pay cut – thanks to the dangers.

The House of Commons heard last week that London has?more acid attacks per head of population?than any other world city.

Labour MP Stephen Timms revealed there are ?parts of London where drivers are not willing to go because of the danger of attack?.

Delivery drivers told The Sun they used to work as late as 2am, ferrying takeaways and packages around the capital.

But they now start winding up their shifts as early as 8pm in order to avoid having to go to the most dangerous parts of London.

[…] Even wealthy Islington, home to politicians including Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, is shunned by drivers late at night because of the threat of acid atrocities.

[…] ?After 8pm or 9pm, we’re not going to those dangerous places.?