Maybe heifer? Or lardo? What about hippo?

A clothing designer is struggling for a replacement label for sizes like extra large:

An Auckland woman was inspired to design?activewear to boost women’s self esteem after eight years?in the police force.

Jamie Best had worked with victims of domestic abuse and although she felt she was making a difference, she wanted to change people’s lives.

She decided a good way to do it was through fitness.

One day at her desk, she came up with the name Fit N It for an?activewear?clothing line and went from there.

The?Taupaki resident said it was all about being able to “fit in it” and “feel fit in it”.

Her?activewear?line ranged in size from 6 up to 22 ??what she called the cute curves collection.

Why should a woman be called an extra large?

I’ve never liked the sizing guides of judging someone an extra large,” she said.

“It’s been hard because you still have to specify in there roughly the size but I’m trying to change that and get rid of it all together.”

Maybe heifer? or lardo?

“The input of the mums has been really good for making sure that things are designed to fit bigger ladies,” the 28-year-old said.

The waist bands on Fit N It leggings were higher than most and able to cover stomachs. Crop tops were suitable for breastfeeding.

Best said there wasn’t a lot of activewear available for plus-sized women.

Does she mean fatties?


Kiwi fashion designer Sera Lilly said more brands needed to cater?for people of all sizes.

She said it was important that plus-sized women had the options available to?make them feel good about what they were wearing ? including activewear.

A bigger person wants to look just as good as a size 10,” she said.

However, it wasn’t enough to just stop at a size 22.

She said New Zealand had?a large population of M?ori and Pacific Islanders who were built bigger.

Clothing needed to be available in sizes for everyone, Lilly said.

Rubbish. Hasn’t she heard of the no tights on fatties rule? A enormous fat person is never going to look just as a good as a size 10. No matter what they wear they will look like 13lbs of shit in an 8lb bag.

Maybe she could hire Rachel Smalley to assist in sizing descriptions.

Or go for animal descriptions…hippo, rhino, elephant, whale…

In case you are wondering why a person with the finely tuned body of an athlete (Russian shot-putters are athletes), like myself, can comment…well…I’ve spent almost the entire summer showing off my keg. I simply fail to see why anyone would want a six pack when they can have a keg. Plus, you need a big hammer to drive a long nail. Basically I don’t give a shit, I’m happy…and I don’t care what you may think about my keg. If I want to iron my shirts with a wok that is my business. I certainly won’t be fooling myself thinking I can look like some boy half man with a waxed chest and a six-pack.