Muslim Derangement Syndrome

Muslim “Jenna” is a Barbie lookalike

When Khawlah Noman claimed a man in his 20s twice tried to cut her hijab that quickly became a national story in Canada. Toronto mayor John Tory and Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne weighed in on the case, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau proclaimed that in an ?open and welcoming country? like Canada ?incidents like this cannot be tolerated.?

Trouble is, according to police the incident ?did not happen? but after revelations of the hoax the outraged politicians were little in evidence. Those who find this troubling might contrast other attacks that did not have an existential problem.

Last October 8, Habbibullah Ahmad, 21, attacked Anne Widholm as she strolled on the Ganatchio trail in Windsor, Ontario. The 75-year-old grandmother suffered ?the worst skull fractures I?ve seen in my 12 years here in Windsor,? as neurosurgeon Dr. Balraj Jhawar told reporters. The victim?s lacerated scalp, bruised face and fractured neck vertebrae were ?among the most brutal things I?ve seen in my career.? The attack ?is not just another assault,? the doctor said, but maybe represented ?a new, dark side of Windsor that we can?t let propagate.?

Windsor police released no information about Ahmed?s motive in the ?random? attack on Anne Widholm. The ?Windsor man? also called himself ?Daniel? but nothing else emerged about him. At 21 he was not a minor but his booking photo did not appear in the media. Windsor mayor Drew Dilkens denounced ?an unprovoked, vicious and random assault.? So the mysterious Mr. Ahmed had apparently decided to attack and nearly kill an elderly woman for no apparent reason.

Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne, who campaigns against bullying, made no statement on the case and offered no public support for Anne Widholm. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau likewise ignored the case and did not warn that such incidents ?could not be tolerated.?

Since the attack, reporters have showed little curiosity about Habibullah Ahmad, who has yet to face trial on the attempted murder charge. According to an October 30, 2017 report, Anne Widholm has been upgraded from critical to serious condition.

Meanwhile, Edmonton cop Mike Chernyk and several other victims have recovered from their injuries from an attack by Somali refugee Abdulaki Hasan Sharif. On September 30, 2016, Sharif rammed Chernyk with a car then stabbed the officer in the face and head. Sharif then drove through crowds in the streets, injuring four.

So a Muslim gets attacked and the media are all over it. A non-Muslim gets attacked and it’s a big “meh”.

The Somali refugee, who had been deported from the United States, carried an ISIS flag in the vehicle and according to a former co-worker harbored ?genocidal beliefs.? Alberta premier Rachel Notley said ?Albertans must stand together in defense of our loved ones, our friends and neighbors, and against anyone who seeks to divide us through fear, hate and violence.? Justin Trudeau called it a ?terrorist attack? and a ?senseless act of violence,? adding that ?Canada?s strength comes from diversity.?

Sharif has yet to face trial and on December 12, 2016, the court sought mental assessments to determine criminal responsibility. Sharif faces five counts of attempted murder, four counts of fleeing an officer causing bodily harm, one count of dangerous driving and one count of possession of a dangerous weapon. His attorney Karanpal Aujla said the charges ?are not pertaining to any kind of terrorism attack.? On January 12, 2018, Sharif was found fit to stand trial but his case was delayed until February 12, ?to complete an assessment on whether Sharif could be found criminally responsible.?

Premier Notley and Justin Trudeau seem to have lost interest in the case, but the Prime Minister did not hesitate to speak out when Khawlah Noman claimed a man cut up her hijab. After the attack was exposed as a hoax, Prime Minister did not issue a statement that false claims of attack ?cannot be tolerated.?

[…]In Canada, any Muslim can perpetrate a bogus ?hate crime? with complete impunity. Likewise, Muslims can stab police officers and attack a 75-year-old grandmother and Canadian authorities will slap a gag order on any hint of Islamic motivation. This is a symptom of Muslim Derangement Syndrome (MDS).

Those afflicted with MDS welcome any Muslim, even if they cannot verify background and even if the Muslim has been deported from the United States. MDS induces complete credulity over Muslim hoaxes but when Muslims attack innocent victims the MDS types lapse into a state of willful ignorance over possible motives. When anyone invokes Islam as a motive, MDS victims break into uncontrolled utterances of ?Islamophobia,? ?racism,? and ?diversity is our strength.?

Yep, even when you try and explain that Muslims are not a race you get called racist. Or if you point out that your so-called “Islamophobia” is about Islam and not Muslims all you get is “la la la I’m not listening la la la.”

If Canada or our own Susan Devoy wants to make a big deal out of a Muslim being attacked, fine. I’m not against that. No one should be attacked because of their religion even if that religion is a simplistic and primitive one that advocates barbaric punishments. But that same degree of outrage should be shown when a Jew is attacked or a Christian is attacked.

Here’s my non-political, armchair psychologist, take on MDS. Muslims have gotten a bad press. Not from the media of course, but from Muslims who decide to drive vans into crowds and that kind of thing. MDS sufferers believe that the rest of us are unable to distinguish between those minority Muslims and Ahmed who runs the local Kebab takeaway. MDS sufferers believe that if they don’t make a big song and story about every attack on Muslims then there will be a flood of attacks on ordinary innocent Muslims.

Yep, believe it or not, the only thing stopping the mass genocide of Muslims are people like Susan Devoy and Justin Trudeau.

And then there’s the fact that most (all?) MDS sufferers are Left-wingers and the Left and Islamism both hate the West.