Where in New Zealand can I buy meat suitable for the Christian and Atheist majority?

The Halal mark used By The Dr Smith range of products

Minority rules in New Zealand and the tiny minority of Muslims in New Zealand have the majority of us by the short and curlies when it comes to the meat we eat. Almost overnight our meat in supermarkets has become Halal and they didn’t even have to conquer us with a military invasion to achieve it. Christians and Atheists alike?are forced to eat meat sacrificed to a pagan moon God called Allah. He is a nasty chap who instructs his followers to slaughter those who will not submit to him yet he has been invited into all the major slaughterhouses of New Zealand. The meat we used to be able to purchase was from animals who were killed before their throats were cut. In the not so distant past, the welfare of the animals came first and no compromises were made to appease a foreign religion.

I don’t want to support the Halal rort and I want separation between not only mosque/church and state but also food and Islam. I propose putting together a list of butchers in New Zealand who provide meat that is fit for non-Muslim consumption. You know, just like the good old days before a barbaric foreign religion was able to force its Sharia law on our population by bribing our weak politicians with lucrative Islamic dollars.

Do such butchers exist? Is it even possible to purchase lamb and beef in New Zealand that has not come from an animal that had its throat cut while unconscious but still alive by a Muslim as he says Islamic prayers to Allah?

If you know of a business that provides that service for the benefit of the majority of New Zealanders please let us know in the comments so that Whaleoilers can give them their business if they are in their area.

It’s political

However, the No.1 argument against halal is why should non-Muslims be forced to consume the meat […] Muslims comprise less than 1 per cent of New Zealand’s population so why do the 99 per cent have to eat it??Why does Nando’s New Zealand, for instance, unabashedly advertise it is halal?

Halal is the thin end of the wedge. Today it is halal and tomorrow it will be sharia. Muslims are the fastest growing group in Auckland, especially in the central suburbs. In places like Sandringham burqas are common at schools and markets. In 50 years, they will have outbred other religions and will be in a position to ask for special laws and the right to pray in the streets as they do in Birmingham (UK) and Brooklyn (USA)[…]

-Stuff 2013

Muslims in Australia pray in the street outside a mosque