The news story that the MSM are not going to tell you about Saudi Arabia and Israel

Breitbart is the only Western media who are talking about this extraordinary news which indicates a massive sea change in international relations. For many years now I have been saying that the West needed to be friends and allies with Israel because of the spread of Islamic terrorism. No country is as experienced or proficient at surviving while under constant?terror attacks from fanatical Muslim terrorists than Israel.

Many in the West didn’t care when it was Israeli civilians being stabbed, run over by cars and trucks, blown up by suicide bombers or?shot by terrorist snipers. They sat in the comfort of their safe homes in the West and judged Israel from afar. They victim blamed and told themselves that Israel had brought it on themselves.

Now that Western countries everywhere are experiencing Islamic terror up close and personal for themselves they are starting to care. Very much. Even if they are still stupid enough to believe that the West somehow deserve terrorism or brought it on themselves with their actions overseas they are still not that keen on being stabbed, blown up, shot or run down by a “mentally ill,” British, Australian, Swedish, German or French citizen called Muhammad.

They no longer feel safe and they want some protection. Israel is a tiny little country surrounded by much larger hostile countries so in order to survive it had had to learn to punch above its weight. Its technology is the best in the world and Iron Dome that Cam got to visit during his time in Israel is one of their most well-known achievements.

Me with the Iron Dome Photo/ Cam Slater, Whaleoil Media

A most extraordinary shift in international relations has occurred but no mainstream media are talking about it. Saudi Arabia, an incredibly wealthy Muslim country is negotiating with Israel to purchase Iron Dome technology and Israeli arms to protect it from the threat from Iran. This is HUGE because it shows two things. One, it shows that the threat from Iran is very real to the Saudis and two it shows that Israel is now in a very important and influential position.

The other thing I like about it is that it will effectively neuter Saudi Arabia as a threat towards Israel. They cannot fund terror?groups that harm Israel if they are going to be relying on Israeli expertise to protect them from Iran.

It is a pity that Western countries are not facing up to the holy war that they are currently engaged in. If a specific country like Iran was threatening them they would be forced to take action but because the terrorists live amongst them they are not improving their relationships with Israel as a prudent country would. What is it going to take for the West to realise that they need Israel and that they are foolish to support BDS and UN bias and sanctions against them? At least President Trump knows who America’s allies are.

Saudi Arabia is talking to Israel for goodness sake! If they can swallow their pride for the safety of their people why can’t New Zealand and the rest of the west?