No shame or humility from Golriz Ghahraman

This brazen liar has no shame or humility.

She is pushing the video we featured yesterday which makes false claims about her “defending vulnerable communities”.??

As far as I am aware the Hutu weren’t a vulnerable community, they were genocidaires, killing Tutsi, who were a vulnerable community. Golriz Ghahraman certainly didn’t defend any Tutsis, she instead defended a Hutu who incited killings and was convicted for it.

Simon Bikindi’s lyrics leave you in no doubt as to what sort of scum he was:

I hate these Hutus, these de-Hutuized Hutus, who have renounced their identity, dear comrades.

I hate these Hutus, these Hutus who march blindly, like imbeciles.

This species of na?ve Hutus who join a war without knowing its cause.

I hate these Hutus who can be brought to kill and who, I swear to you, kill Hutus, dear comrades.

And if I hate them, so much the better.

Is that defending vulnerable communities? Of course, it isn’t.

He sang about hating Hutu who had shown friendliness to Tutsi.

This woman is a faker and a bullshitter, and if it wasn’t for her close personal relationship with James Shaw she’d have been gone months ago.