One of our readers fisks HDPA

I was going to write on Heather du Plessis-Allan-Soper’s column, but then I checked the General Debate yesterday and saw Wallace Westland beat me to it:

Heather du Plessis-Allan pretending she has a balanced perspective on Trump but uses her trashy column to perform another veiled hit job.

Think the Muslim travel ban, his progressing plans to build the Mexican border wall, his ongoing campaign of hatred towards the media, his bullying of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, his power-battle handshake with French leader Emmanuel Macron and his tweeting.

Again ? I can’t stress this enough ? you may hate all of these things but his supporters love them.

Who may hate these things Heather? Liberals? Don?t you think anyone else reads this drivel? Preaching to the choir much?

They love the ban because they actually think Muslims want to kill Americans, they like The Wall because they think illegal immigrants are bludgers, they think the media are pushing political correctness, Kim Jong Un needs a bit of a sorting out, the rest of the world ? North Korea and France included ? need to be told who’s boss, and they find his crazy Tweets amusing and endearing

They do want to kill Americans, illegal immigrants are bludgers, the media is pushing PC correctness?etc. etc. What exactly is your point Heather?

Take Fire and Fury for example. I’ve giggled my way through the book’s accounts of Trump’s vanity, unsophistication and stupidity, but Trump’s supporters won’t believe the stories. They won’t even read the book.

The author even admits that the book is full ofcontradictions and he simply penned what he was told even though a lot of it didn?t ring true and he leaves it to the reader to decide what is fact and what is fiction.

Liberal airheads like HDPA Won?t be able to find any fiction in it at all.

And this is the important thing to remember: Trump does not need you to like him.
He does not need world leaders to like him. He does not even need all of America to like him. He needs only his supporters to like him.

He won convincingly a year ago. If he can keep that support, which he is doing so
far, and if the Democrats stay in a state of disarray, he’ll be back in 2020.

Brace yourself.

Brace for what you simpering liberal tool? More winning? More PC liberal media shaming?

More of the truth of how the world really is being told?

Personally I?m not a huge Trump fan but he was better than his vile corrupt entitled opponent and by god he?s doing what he said he would. Imagine that?a politician that does what he says. No wonder the media?s collective heads are exploding.

Brace myself?



-NZHerald, WOBH