Pakis have got their knickers in a bunch after Trump cut off their aid

The Pakis are throwing their toys out of the cot after Donald Trump cut off their aid:

Pakistan?s foreign ministry claimed to annul its alliance with the United States after the Trump administration reportedly suspended an estimated $1 billion in security aid for refusing to take decisive action against jihadists who are fighting American troops and their allies in Afghanistan.

?We do not have any alliance? with the United States, Pakistan?s Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif?told?the?Wall Street Journal (WSJ)?on Friday. ?This is not how allies behave.?

Asif?accused?American President Donald Trump?s administration of?turning?Pakistan into a ?whipping boy.?

Allies don’t harbour terrorists and fund and aid them either.

His comments came a day after Heather Nauert, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Department of State (DOS),?told?reporters, ?We are suspending security assistance, security assistance only, to Pakistan at this time until the Pakistani Government takes decisive action against groups, including the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani Network. We consider them to be destabilizing the region and also targeting U.S. personnel.?

That same day, an anonymous DOS official?explained?to reporters that the Trump administration is only freezing the aid.

?The suspension is not a permanent cutoff at this time,? pointed out the unnamed State official, adding: ?Our hope, and I won?t say our expectation, but our hope, is that Pakistan will understand our seriousness, that they appreciate the value of this relationship?which they clearly have indicated that they do, and I believe that they genuinely do?and that they will look at what additional they can do to try to address ? our requests.?

Besides calling on Pakistan to combat the Afghan Taliban and its al-Qaeda-linked Haqqani Network allies, which the Pentagon has deemed the top threat against U.S. troops in Afghanistan, the anonymous DOS official also urged Islamabad to take action against anti-India terrorist?groups?such as Lashkar-e Tayyiba (LET) and Jaish-e Mohammed (JEM).

The Trump administration has?praised?India?s?contributions?to combating jihadist groups in Afghanistan. Pakistan considers India its regional enemy.

Since taking office, President Trump has repeatedly accused Pakistan of?harboringjihadists.

The U.S. State Department refused to provide an exact figure for how much aid it the Trump administration would suspend, arguing that the numbers are still being calculated.

However, Reuters learned that in addition to the $255 million in foreign military financing (FMF) used to purchase American military hardware, the U.S. is also expected to withhold at least $900 million in coalition support funds (CSF), which reimburse Pakistan for counter-terrorism activities.

Cut it all off. Start cutting off aid to other countries that have been aiding and abetting terrorists too.

With Iran in a crisis at the moment and Trump cutting funding to Palestinians and Pakistan, terror groups like Hezbollah and Hamas are going to start running out of cash to fund their terror activities. That is when there is going to be more than a few come to Allah meetings between the populace and the gangsters who rule them.