A peek inside the mind of the professional activist who changed Lorde’s mind

Justine Sachs? grad student | Socialist | Researcher & Field Officer | Co-founder of Dayenu: New Zealand Jews Against Occupation | Freelance Writer | Opinions mine PHOTO: Twitter

Lorde as you will remember?allowed a letter from two professional activists to change her mind about touring in Israel. One of the activists, in particular, I have written about before as she is heavily involved in the Student Union campaign at Auckland University to smear, disaffiliate and delegitimise the Pro-Life club there. What she calls herself depends on what cause she is fighting for. In her letter to Lorde she called herself Justine?Sachs but when she was campaigning against the peaceful Pro-Life club she called herself Justine Rose.

So who exactly is this Justine Sachs AKA Justine Rose?


It turns out that Justine Sachs AKA Justine Rose is not interested in a two-state solution or any borders anywhere. This makes sense as the BDS movement is an extreme movement that is all about hurting Israel economically and doesn’t care at all about the fate of the Palestinians. The fact that the BDS cost hundreds of Palestinians their well-paid jobs working for Soda stream is evidence of their willingness to throw the baby out with the bath water.

Like Hamas and the Palestinian authority, the BDS is not interested in peace only the complete destruction of Israel.


Justine Sachs AKA Justine Rose’s twitter feed reveals how disappointed she is that our PM was called a Marxist because Justine Sachs AKA Justine Rose feels that she is more deserving of that title than Ardern. If you ever wondered just how extreme BDS bullies are wonder no more.

She also makes the extraordinary statement that she supports a single state that is a secular democracy. In practice, a single state would obliterate Israel’s Jewish identity as the Muslims would be in the majority.

The best case scenario would be that the Palestinians would insist that Jews be second-class citizens inside their own country, Dhimmis in other words. The worse case scenario and the most likely one is that they would terrorise them and persecute them until the country was purged of all Jews.

Israel is a secular country and the only?true democracy in the Middle East. All religions are free to practice inside Israel. Muslims are in positions of power inside Israel inside government and in the courts. Women have equal rights there and so do gays and other members of the LGBT community. Palestine, on the other hand, is run by a Muslim terrorist group and a leader who is still serving despite failing to hold democratic elections once his term ended. Women do not have equal rights, gays get dragged behind motorbikes?and there is no freedom of religion. How exactly does Justine Sachs AKA Justine Rose think that a secular democracy is going to work for the Palestinians who have shown themselves unable to maintain a functioning democracy let alone a secular one?