Phil the Greek’s still got it at 96

The Herald headline suggest someone was offended, the story says something entirely different:

Prince Philip made an audience laugh as he displayed his trademark humour before attending a New Year’s Eve service in Sandringham.

He was cracking jokes to the Royals and guests walking with him towards the morning service at St Mary Magdalene church.

The Duke of Edinburgh joked with Alison Leggett, 54, of Hunstanton, Norfolk, after seeing her 18month old fox red labrador lying on the wet ground.

The 96-year-old pointed at her pet, saying: “I hope he hasn’t got rising damp”.

Prince Philip also reportedly made a joke about a man with a beard, prompting laughter from those who heard.

As he walked with Princess Anne, he pointed at the gentleman, who had long, ginger facial hair, he asked a bodyguard: “Is that a terrorist?”

An onlooker in the crowd said: “The man appeared to be his with wife and child. Philip was wishing lots of people a Happy New Year and then he spotted this guy with his distinctive beard.

“He pointed at him in a funny way and turned to one of his Royal bodyguards, saying: ‘Is that a terrorist?.’

“He was obviously having a little joke, but he said it within earshot of the man who burst out laughing and appeared to find the whole thing hilarious. I think Philip knew he was going to be overheard.

“I’m sure Philip didn’t mean any harm. His grandson Prince Harry has a ginger beard, so perhaps Philip had been cracking jokes about that over Christmas.”

That?s pretty awesome. I personally find gingers with beards terrifying.

I’m stoked that the spouse of our head of state can still say something that bends the Herald out of shape at 96.

Unlike his dead set useless son who doesn’t really have it.


-NZ Herald