If any politician can speak out about Iran it’s Golriz Ghahraman


For a self-proclaimed refugee from Iran who claims to have fled a hostile regime Golly G is remarkably coy about speaking out against them. The Green Party and indeed our PM have a history of commenting on other countries business so why on earth is she saying nothing?

Jacinda Ardern waded in boots and all repeatedly to tell the Australian?PM what to do with his illegal Muslim migrants on Manus Island. Golly G’s activist mate and fellow Green Party MP Marama Davidson interfered in Israel’s business and while being paid to work for us as an MP chose to play activist and was arrested by the Israeli Navy while on a ship trying to run the blockade.

The people in Iran do not share Golriz Ghahraman’s?reticence and are desperate to get their message out there as the MSM ignores their plight and politicians like Golly G deliberately say nothing about it. Golriz continues to make?political capital about being New Zealand’s first?” refugee” MP but won’t lift a finger to promote the cause of the people she and her family left behind. Meanwhile, as she displays her moral cowardice Twitter is allowing an account to put the brave people of Iran who are fighting for freedom in danger.


“I ask you, young people of Iran to join me in burning the Quran… this book has caused us to fight each other… this book is all superstition. We have to burn it… I hate these words. This is superstition worship.”

If any politician can speak out about Iran it’s Golriz Ghahraman. She claims to be New Zealand’s first “refugee” MP. Where is her courage? Where is her support for the people of Iran? Where do her loyalties really lie? Even though she is now safe in a democratic country where women have equal rights is she still scared of offending members of the religion of peace?

Golriz Ghahraman aged attending school in Iran Source/ Facebook

Unsurprisingly the United Nations have also failed to adequately address what is happening in Iran or to take any action.