Poll: Shows 73 per cent of drivers think road maggots should face same laws as drivers

No one really likes road maggots, except road maggots themselves.

In the UK a recent poll shows that people are fed up with the politicians and enablers of road maggotry and are starting to express their outrage at subsidising their chosen lifestyle at the expense of road users who actually pay for the roads.

Almost two-thirds of motorists believe the offence of dangerous driving should be extended to cyclists.

A poll of more than 10,000 drivers conducted for the Daily Mail reveals widespread concerns that cyclists are treated too leniently.??

Some 73 per cent of drivers said cyclists should be subject to similar legal requirements as motorists. And of these just under nine in ten called for new laws to prosecute cyclists for a two-wheeled equivalent of dangerous driving.

A change in legislation is already being considered by Transport Secretary Chris Grayling after a woman died last year when she was knocked down by a rider whose bike had no front brake. The cyclist was acquitted of manslaughter but convicted of wanton and furious driving, an offence falling under an Act from 1861.

More than eight in ten drivers who called for tougher legislation for cyclists backed the introduction of compulsory insurance, while almost three-quarters (73 per cent) said they should be required to wear fluorescent clothing.

Around seven in ten said they should be legally required to pass a road proficiency test, and wear a helmet. More than half (56 per cent) said cyclists should have a roadworthy bike certificate ? the equivalent of an MOT ? while 52 per cent want cyclists to have to pay road tax.?

Almost six in ten drivers said the cycle lanes designed to alleviate congestion and increase safety for cyclists have failed to improve traffic flow, or made the situation worse.

The poll of more than 10,400 drivers was conducted by campaign group FairFuelUK.

I bet a similar poll conducted here would find the same sentiment.

Its founder Howard Cox said: ?What infuriates the highest taxed motorists in the world is what they see as the lack of fairness apportioned to all road users.

?They believe cyclists should be making some financial contribution to roads and increasing cycle lanes they currently benefit from.

?They also want to see the compulsory use of helmets, cyclists to be road insured, wear fluorescent clothing, pass a road proficiency test and more prosecutions for the increasing episodes of dangerous cycling.?

Auckland Council has already spent millions and is destined to spend millions more for one of the smallest groups of road users in existence.

I bet if I founded a shooters lobby group in Auckland, which would have far more members than any cycling action group would, and lobbied Council for our sport to have facilities funded we would get nowhere. So, why are cyclists so elite and privileged that the council funds their hobby?

All the council and Auckland Transport is doing is stealing our road space, that we pay for and gifting it to a few road maggots who want to cycle to work and stink up the joint with their smelly lycra clad persona.

They should start contributing. A good start would be bike registration for commuter cyclists, a licensing system for riders, and a road user charge and ACC levy like motorcycle users have to pay.


-Daily Mail